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Rubber recycling line  | Rubber recycling equipment

JLLC "Scientific and Industrial group "Ecological Alternative"  is the leading manufacturer of complex lines for processing of tyres and others rubber compounds.

It means that while buying a line, You receive a number of unique advantages!

Among them are:

  • Projects of lines are developed individually according to the inquiries of the customer.

• We carry out training complex  of Your workers for effective work on Your new line.

• Our lines are completely adapted for highly effective processing of all kinds of tyres.


Do You want to get a complex line? 


Then make the first step to the PROMPT DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Just answer some questions please:

1. What raw materials will be processed  (automobile or cargo tyres, rubber compounds, rubber covered hoses, cables,  coverings of submarines, etc.)?

2. What kind of product do You want to receive   (rubber "chips", granules , powders, regenerate)?

3. What is the necessary degree of clearing from metal and textiles inclusions in the granule?

4. Whether it is necessary to spend devulcanization of a powder?

5. Working hours of a line per day ?

6. What productivity do you want to have?

7. What resources do You have (the industrial, procuring and warehouse areas, communications)?

8. Where do You plan to install the equipment, in the street or ?

9. What is the size of the territory for the equipment?

10. Do You need  sound insulation ?

11. Do You need insulation of vibration ?

12. What kind of  control panel do You need (simplified or global computerized with video  control of  the processes of crushing and separation)?

13. What kind of package do You need (big-run, polypropylene or paper bags)?

After studying of the received information, the group of engineers and technologists develops the project especially for you.

After that, the project is corrected, coordinated and affirms directly with Your wishes.

We'll take into consideration all Your wishes and inquiries.

 The price is formed according to the cost of all units of equipment , systems, knots, designs, components and works on their manufacture, installation, assemblage, adjustment.

If you want to get the equipment of German quality under the reasonable price ...

If you want to train Your people quickly to work on the new line ...

If you want to earn Good Money, thus HAVING  SAVED ...

... So address to us already now!



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Rubber recycling equipment

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