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Playground surface in the Kinder garden №101. Deviativka 4, Grodno  | Playgrounds surface

“There is no such place in the world where stars shine as bright as in the childhood” Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


Just now, sitting at the computer and reading this text, recollecting such light and warm moments of Your childhood...

The moments when You forgot about everything, could spend all day long, playing with friends...

And it brought so much sincere pleasure...

Now these memoirs are stored somewhere deeply inside..

They became the reliable base of Your personality, Your achievements and victories!

That is why each person intuitively understands that the happy childhood is the main keystone of successes and stability among storms of adult cares...



There is only one answer...


Here some of the responses, which were left by our Clients:

“The most important for us is that it is safe for children! More over in winter it’s warmer for children.” G.A. Kyrstak, the director of kindergarden Vishnrvec - 4    

 If You can become a child again...




What do You like best in "Eco-Play coverings ?

•  Rubber which is in covering structure does its UNUSUALLY ELASTIC and STRONG!

It means that jumping and even falling on a covering will be soft!

•  Covering provides dry surface even after  rain.

And the desire to play is so strong in spite of the rain!

"Eco-Play" make it possible!

Thanks to excellent drain properties!

It is wonderful, isn’t it?

•  Possibility to create  colorful  drawings, complex compositions, multi-colored tracks.

Beautiful, drawings and compositions...

Bright multi-colored tracks...

The cheerful mood and bright impressions are provided!

•  "Eko-Play" doesn’t smell.

It is very important, isn't that so?



If you are parents then health of your child is the most important thing for you!




The reasons to choose “ECO-PLAY” are:

The Device of a safety pillow  which is under small architectural forms RELIABLY PROTECTS children from traumas and bruises!

Technical conditions of RB have shown that the manufacturing of "Eko-Play" completely correspond to all norms of stability to climatic factors and change of temperatures.

It means that you are completely assured for safety children in winter and in summer!

“Eco-Play” Rubber covering  is made of rubber granules which is considered to be the most wear-resistant rubber material.

So you receive one more  proof of 100 % of DURABILITY and QUALITY !

“Eco-Play” elastic surface possesses amortization and orthopedic properties.

It RELIABLY prevents joints from excessive loadings!

Besides, coupling of soles with the surface of the covering is provided!

If you think of the time which  children spend on the playground You will realize the advantage at once...

On the surface of «Eco-Play» such dangers as beaten glass, stones, pieces of iron, sticks and the other subjects, capable to harm to children's health are perfectly visible.

On such coverings as sand, small rubble and a ground it is much more difficult to notice!

"Eco-Play" is not toxic, safe for children, animals and environment.



What are 14 arguments which proves that the purchasing of “Eco-Play” will bring profit to You as to a businessman?




1. You are surprised o that the covering maintains huge loadings and blows, without being   deformaty!...

2. Even after some years of  Eco-Play" use  you will notice that the covering hasn’t been broken, and still possesses elastic properties.

3. If you install "Eco-Play" on a ground you will  notice that the surface remains dry even after a rain at once!...

4.  Polyurethane ,  “Eco-Play” fastening structure , has very high adhesion (ability of a material s  to be pasted strongly to the basis).

That is why, your new covering can be installed  practically on any firm surface - concrete, asphalt, metal, a tree...

5. “Eco-Play” is very convenient in it’s maintenance.

6. Thanks to a special manufacturing technique of "Eco-Play", you can easily distribute the prepared mix on platforms of any form!

Corners, or the bent lines - «Eco-Play» can be easily and quickly installed!

7. "Eco-Play" technology   relieves you  from material scraps.

8. "Eco-Play" covering has no seams and joints, as at rolled materials.

9.  "Eco-Play" covering can be easily installed  on any basis:  ground, sand,  sandy mix,  stone etc.

10. In case of repair the damaged part can be easily replaced.

11. Thanks to "Eco-Play", you will get rid of cares over special maintenance  f it (unlike other kinds of coverings).

In case of need, the covering can be swept or washed easily with water from a hose!

12. "Eco-Play" provides HIGH WEAR RESISTANCE and high level of  loading of your platform!

13. If you install  "Eco-Play", you will get rid of cares over replacement of coverings completely for more than 10 years!

14. Because of the small sizes of such platforms the "Eco-Play"  price  is accessible practically to all.    


You can notice that you can be – a child, a parent or simply businessman...

"Eco Play» is created specially for you!

P.S. Children play with pleasure on the beautiful... with pleasant smell... and such convenient covering ...

And   you are completely assured in their safety...

Because You have acquired perennial…of a high quality…safe playground…

Which can justify your expectations, even after years...

After our Clients address to us


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Playgrounds surface

  • Playground surface in the Kinder garden №101. Deviativka 4, Grodno