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Rubber mat “Ecopol” - 1750 mm x1200 mm x 24  | Rubber mats



Many experts in animal industries and heads of the agricultural complexes choose "Ecopol" plates.




-Special drawings of protectors are Reliably  interfere  the slipping of hoofs of an animal, CONSIDERABLY REDUCING a trauma and possible pathologies of  finiteness 

After acquisition of "Ecopol" plates the risk of animals' finiteness trauma has been decreased in comparison with concrete and wooden floors....

It have realized for more then 20 farms!

During the winter period the risk of animal's illness which have there rest in comfortable conditions, not on the  concrete floors has been deceased.

Significantly enough, doesn't it?

-The softness of "Ecopol" plates is approached to the natural inhabitancy.


It allows to distribute the weight of the animal's body over the hooves in regular intervals.

That is why animals of Your farm feel themselves comfortable.

And also show desire.

Some specialists told us that after 2 months of  "Ecopol" using the weight has considerably increased!

It is very pleasant that our clients reach high results in a short time.

Besides, they saved up there means, which were enclosed into the purchase and maintenance  of the animals!

As a basis the best modern coverings from Europe were taken. We have adapted them  for the Belarus conditions. 

That means that, getting "Ecopol", you get the European quality under the lower price, comprehensible for Belarus!

More over the similar coverings are applied successfully and for a long time over the European market!

The coverings are made from rubber mixtures of A class (from which the best protectors of tyres are made) 

That gives You the possibility to get rubber surfaces, by the quality of the leading world tyres!

"Ecopol" is reinforced inside with a special cord on the basis of  new German technology which  used in manufacturing of new tyres

That makes "Ecopol" as strong as the newest European coverings.

We should be sure that "Ecopol" will serve You for a long time.

100% quality guarantee for plates in the in places of movement of animal-5 years. In places of rest -  guarantee for 10 years. 

While purchasing the Ecopol, You are getting the full set of documents. 

They are:

1. The certificate of the state hygienic registration;

2. The certificate of production of own manufacture № 822;

3. The notice №88 from 8/20/2009 about inclusion of the supplier in the register of manufacturers of the goods of Byelorussia;

4. Technical specifications TY BY 590619191.006-2008;

5. The test report on fire danger;

6. The certificate of hygienic examination № 2260-10-01-121-1-7 from 3/26/2008

7. The test report №8d from 3/30/2009 and the conclusion about the results of tests for stability to a temperature mode;

9. A typical technological card on the device of coverings of a floor from plates of rubber "Ecopol" ТТК-590619191-2009;

10. The quality passport on building fixture;

11. The scheme of installing of rubber plates of "Ecopol" in the places for animals rest on DGF;

12. The scheme of fastening of rubber plates of "Ecopol" in  the places for animals rest on DGF;

13. The information report confirming that  JLLC «Research-and-production group« Ecological Alternative »is manufacturers of rubber crumb recycled "Modus" and plates of rubber "Ecopol".

14. The conclusion of National Academy of sciences on animal industries from 1/22/2010

15. The test report №46.13И-811 from 6/30/2008 and results of the physic mechanical tests spent on Open Society "Belshina";

16. «The report on research work» National Academy of sciences of Belarus the Republican Unitary enterprise « The SCIENTIFICALLY-PRACTICAL CENTER of NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES of Belarus ON ANIMAL INDUSTRIES»

If you wish to get modern coverings of the European quality ...

Adapted for the Belarus market ...

Which are cheaper than the European analogues ...

If  you wish to have more comfortable conditions of delivery ...

And  not to pay money to the European and Asian manufacturers ...

If  you wish to reduce aloud risk of a traumatism and disease of animals on the farms ...

If you wish to improve  sanitary-and-hygienic conditions of the maintenance of animals ...

... that address to us right now